One lot of Books for sale

WWII era German related items being sought, sold or traded.
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One lot of Books for sale

Post by markjweber » Fri Mar 14, 2014 8:50 am

I have the following group of books for sale for $210, plus shipping. They are in a box, ready to ship. $10 will be donated to Feldgrau. Media mail is cheapest in the US. Paypal payment. [email protected]

Hard cover, regular format
• The eyes of the division. The recon bataillion of the 17th SS Panzer grenadier division “Gotz von Berlichingen”
• The Retreat, Hitler’s First Defeat ( Winter 1941/42 in front of Moscow)
• Under Himmler’s Command, The Personal Recollections of Oberst Hans=Georg Eismann, Operations Officer, Army Group Vistula, Eastern Front, 1945
• Stormtrooper on the Eastern Front, fighting with Hitler’s Latvian SS
• Panzer Gunner, from my native Canada to the German Ostfront and back, in action with the 25th Panzer regiment, 7th Panzer Division, 1944 - 45
• Heaven Next stop A Luftwaffe Fighter Pilot at war
• Countdown to Cassino, the battle of the Mignano Gap, 1943
• To the Gates of Hell, The Memoir of a Panzer Crewman
• Dusty Warriors, Modern Soldiers at war
• The Faithful Few, Worcestershire’s Fighter Boys
• Red Sniper on the Eastern Front, the memoirs of Joseph Pilyushin
• IN the skies over Europe, the memoirs of fighter pilot Gunther Scholz
• 1000 Days in Siberia, the odyssey of a Japanese American POW
• Listen Comrades ( dissatisfied Spanish socialist combatant from Spanish civil war, 1930's)
• The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Empire ( a history which covers war and peace periods)
• Snipers in the Great War ( WWI)
• Blood Red Snow, the memoirs of a german soldier on the Eastern Front
Hard cover, Large Format
• Bagration to Berlin, the final air battles in the east, 1944 - 45 ( This is the same author, C. Bergstron) as the 2 paperbacks listed below about eastern front air warfare)
• Infantry Weapons of WWI. ( Covers 150 weapons made in Germany, US, UK, USSR, Japan and Italy in a coffee table format, with lots of photos)
Soft cover, regular format
• Panzer Aces III, German Tank Commanders in WWII
• Eastern Front Combat, The German Soldier in battle from Stalingrad to Berlin
• The Siege of Budapest, 100 days in WWII
• Pure Soldiers or Sinister Legion, the Ukrainian 14th Waffen SS Division
• Long Rifle, A sniper’s story in Iraq and Afghanistan
• The Autobiography of the British Soldier, from Agincourt to Basra ( excerpts from soldier’s writing over 1000 years)
• Grenadier, the recollections of an officer in the (British) Grenadier Guards throughout the Great War ( WWI ) on the Western Front
Soft cover, large format
• Luftwaffe Flak and Field Divisions, 1939 - 1945
• Sd.Kfz for the Nebeltruppen (German tactical rocket weapons) Text is in English
• From Barbarosa to Odessa, the Luftwaffe and Axis allies Strike Southeast, June - Oct. 1941 The Air battle for Odessa, Aug. - Oct. 1941
• From Barbarosa to Odessa, the Luftwaffe and Axis allies Strike Southeast, June - Oct. 1941 The Air Battle Bessarabia ne - July, 1941
• Frundsberg, 10th SS Panzer Grenadier Division, France, 1943
• Estonian Vikings, Volunteer Battalion Narwa, Eastern Front, 1943 - 44
• Knights of Steel, the structure, development and eprsonalities of the 2nd SS Panzer Division, Vol. 1 ( This is a great book, by M. Yerger. Unfortunately, when I bought it, someone had taken out 3 pages in the middle of the book. These are missing.)
• The Combat History of German Tiger Tank Battalion 503 ( this is a long book, one of the best small unit histories I have read, with some photos, and good maps.
please contact me at [email protected]

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