KdF Liners Oceana & Monte Pascoal, Hansa

WWII era German related items being sought, sold or traded.
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KdF Liners Oceana & Monte Pascoal, Hansa

Post by Cunard-WhiteStarLine » Sat Jan 11, 2014 1:49 pm

Item #1: Mützenband / Cap Tally / Hat Band for a Donald Duck hat for the KdF steamship "Oceana". 46" long and in wonderful condition for it's age. Born out of the remains of several ships, the Oceana began chartered cruises for Germany in 1935 for its Kraft durch Freude program. First under Hamburg America, she was purchased outright by the KdF in 1938. That would date this piece between 1935 and 1938. After the war, she was turned over to the Soviets to be renamed the "Sibir" and was finally scrapped in 1963. $200.00 OBO.

Item #2: Original mützenband / cap tally / hat band from the "Monte Pascoal" of the Hamburg Südamerikanische Dampfschifffahrts-Gesellschaft or HSDG line. 35" long end to end with some wear from time. One end is shorter than the other (cut off at some point in time) and there are two small holes at the bottom. Comes with a reproduction color photo of the Monte Pascoal as well! $50.00.

Item #3: A souvenir nautical flag bracelet from the German liner HANSA - originally the Albert Ballin. Built in 1922, she was named the HANSA in 1935 and she was sunk in 1945. The bracelet has the letters "BOJ HANSA EKP". It was purchased by a sailor that worked onboard the HANSA for his soon to be wife and the letters before and after are both their initials. The piece was originally a souvenir piece sold onboard the gift shop and later changed (probably at a jeweler or by the sailor himself) with the initials of the couple. I purchased this from his wife for my collection. I have seen or currently own bracelets from the Wilhelm Gustloff, Robert Ley, Monte Pascoal, and Der Deutsche. This is the first I have seen from the Hansa! $200.00 OBO.
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