How to gain access to post in the Marketplace - DONATE!

WWII era German related items being sought, sold or traded.
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How to gain access to post in the Marketplace - DONATE!

Post by Jason Pipes » Tue Mar 22, 2011 4:18 pm

What: Feldgrau is changing how the marketplace folder works.

How: Going forward everyone can still read this folder without restriction, but in order to post items for sale one will have to be a current subscriber or recent or current donor to the site.

Why: This is being done to help better support and for the long term.


If you have donated in the past you are entitled to post to the marketplace folder and will be granted access accordingly. Details will be posted soon or email jpipes or one of the mods or admins.

If you have never donated we are requiring that you send a minimum of $10 donation. Doing so will grant you access to sell unlimited items in the marketplace folder for 1-2 months. You will also receive an online discount for making purchases via a Feldgrau supporting book seller! Items posted for sale will also soon be featured on the new Feldgrau mainpage making the marketplace folder a great place to offer your items for sale as they will receive a great deal of traffic.

More details will be posted ASAP. If you have questions in the meantime or would like to send your donation immediately, please contact me via PM.

Thanks for supporting Feldgrau!

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